Project Managment – MUST HAVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE – NOT INFO. TECH Research Paper

Project Managment – MUST HAVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE – NOT INFO. TECH – Research Paper Example

This is because to achieve profitability, the financial record of a business organization has to depict a high value of sales. On this note therefore, a project management team ensures that the objectives and aims of a company are met. It is important to develop structures of managing a sales team because of the following roles that they play in an organization, (Jobber and Geoffrey, 2006). 1. Members of a sales team directly engage with customers, and are responsible for selling the products of the company, and maintaining the existing customers of the organization. It is their duty to conduct market research, collect feedback on the performance of their products from the customers, and develop a strategy that will make the organization achieve its sales targets. 2. The sales team determines the profitability of an organization, therefore understanding their role in a business organization helps the management in developing a marketing strategy that will efficiently serve the interest of the organization. 3. The purpose of a sales team is to generate revenue for the organization, and therefore the department must align itself to the needs of customers. To effectively align the sales team to the needs of the department, it is important to create a sales management plan. The key to building and initiating a successful sales project is to develop a document that outlines the specific goals of the organization, tasks, deadlines and costs. The scope provides information on the roles and duties of team members and methodologies of verifying and approving completed works. For instance, the major aim of our sales team was to develop and execute a plan of establishing new markets for the products of Sumo hardware’s. In building an effective project scope, it is important to use facilitative meeting procedures, and collaborative decision making methodology. Facilitative meetings involve the use of tools such as Joint Application Design (JAD). These meetings are moderated by a neutral facilitator, for purposes of engaging all the stakeholders of the business organization in developing decisions that will guide the operations of the project (Gonc?alves and Brian, 2008) . In collecting information from participants, the facilitator will use collaborative techniques such as taking a keen interest on the ideas, and interests of participants. This information will help in coming up with a relevant scope of the project. The scope will provide guidance for purposes of developing the plan and strategies of the marketing campaign. The scope of the project that I undertook with Sumo Hardware’s was to develop a sales plan, and execute it, for purposes of increasing the revenue of the organization. The sales process satisfies the four stages of project management; which are initiation, planning, execution and control, and the last stage is closure. At the initiation stage, the manager defines the scope of a project, and the methods he or she will use to achieve the objectives of the project. It is at this stage that members of a team are selected, and the manager outlines their roles (Heagney, 2012). For instance, as members of the sales management team at Sumo hardware’s, it was our duty to set realistic target for the sales revenue of the organization. For instance, basing on the size and target market, we did set a target of 200,000 dollars a month. In meeting this target, it was essential to

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